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  • Polish stainless steel: Erase smudges, marks, dirt & grease from appliances stoves refrigerators sinks & grills
  • 100% organic: Natural, safe & suitable for food industry appliances / machinery or your home kitchen
  • Stainless steel cleaning has never been easier
  • Great for all stainless steel applications, including refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, range hoods, sinks and more


Ready to use, stainless steel cleaner with convenience and ease.  INNOSPRAY B600 Stainless Steel Cleaner is highly effective in removing grease stains and fingerprints from multiple surfaces.


The product is easy to use and suitable for everyday cleaning of stainless steel appliances, elevators, handrails, etc.


Why is this a unique stainless steel cleaner?

There are plenty stainless steel cleaning products available. What makes it so unique?

  • It dries quickly and streak-free on stainless steel
  • It removes fingerprints quickly and effectively
  • It is easy to use, NSF approved for food surface areas.  




Note: Innospray B600 cannot be used on acrylic glass and piano varnish.

Innospray B600 Stainless Steel Cleaner - Make your Appliance Look New Again