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EliminateRust Stainless Steel Cleaner & Rust Remover

We all want beautiful new, fresh looking, stainless steel.  You've done your best to make it look new again.  It's ok, you bought products that you thought would work.  Now you wonder, why would I invest in another stainless steel cleaner?  Our organic cleaner works to remove the rust and bring back the new shine, guaranteed!  You'll be able to return, or throw away the cheap cleaners that were a waste.

  • Stainless steel refrigerator rust removal

  • Stainless steel barbecue rust removal

  • Residential stainless steel range rust removal

  • Residential stainless steel sink rust removal

  • Other stainless steel appliance rust removal

Why Does Stainless Steel Rust?

Despite conventional wisdom, stainless steel is rust-resistant, but not rust-proof. It is comprised largely of iron, which readily combines with oxygen in the presence of water to create iron oxide, or rust. This process is catalyzed by the presence of saltwater, acid rain, or other corrosive elements.


Stainless steel is protected by chromium, which combines with oxygen in the air to create a protective coating (chromium oxide) that prevents iron oxide from developing. However, this is an imperfect system. If the localized concentration of chromium drops below 12%, rust can form. Stainless steel contains 12% to 30% chromium, depending on quality, so higher quality stainless steel is less likely to rust. In addition, you can help protect your stainless steel by never using steel wool, steel tools, or harsh cleansers on it, as these products can overwhelm the chromium oxide.


Marine grade stainless steel contains a small percentage of molybdenum, a highly corrosion-resistant metallic element. This helps to protect against the damaging effects of saltwater and other corrosives. It’s not perfect, but it is more rust-resistant than standard stainless steel.

What if I Already Have Rust?

Our stainless steel rust removers are a safer, more effective, organic solution to removing rust from stainless steel. We also offer protectants to reduce the risk of rust coming back in the future. We were in the stainless steel faucet business for a long time, so we have tested hundreds of products from around the world, and we feel confident that we are offering the best solution to stainless steel rust.


Browse our products, or call EliminateRust at 561-410-3636 to learn more!


I had three rust spots on the side of the fridge that I came to just live with. Well those required just a little scrubbing, little as in 10secs and they were gone too! Fridge looks brand new again.” 

—  Roselynn, Happy Customer