Amazing Safe Organic way to remove rust from Stainless Steel!

Eliminate Rust with Emergo Metal which is an Organic, NSF approved solution to remove rust. No more chemicals, No more abrasives. Just a smooth refreshing organic liquid. Emergo Metal Cleaners get the job done! No job too big.  We are the cleaner of Cruise Lines, Pharmaceutical Companies, Brewery’s, Restaurants, Barbecue Companies, Construction Companies, etc…… Emergo Metal Cleaner will remove rust and make your metal look like new, without the use of dangerous, toxic chemicals!


Starter Kits

This easy to use and convenient kit includes a bottle of Innosoft B570, a bottle of Innoprotect B580, a sponge to apply the product, and a pair of rubber gloves for mess free rust removal and cleaning.

Innosoft B570

Innosoft B570 rust remover is a special deep cleaner that removes rust from stainless steel in a single operation.



Innospray B600

Innospray B600 is a ready-to-use cleaning spray that effectively removes marks and fingerprints from stainless steel.


Innogel B450

Remove rust and rust spots from stainless steel with very little effort.


Innopolish B520

Innopolish B520 is a liquid cleaner and polish that helps remove contamination and tarnish on metal surfaces and materials.

Innoprotect B580

Innoprotect B580 conditioner is a neutral and mild stainless steel cleaner and can successfully be used in combination with Innosoft B570 remover. It prevents corrosion in the future